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El Salvador - Medium (Viennese) Coffees from EL Salvador are quickly rising in popularity in the eyes of green bean buyers. This region consistently produces high quality bean, which tend to be perfectly balanced, with pointed acidity, medium body, enticing sweetness and wonderful depth.

Guatemalan (medium roast) Guatemalan coffee is grown at some of the highest elevations in Central America. The rich volcanic soil brings great flavor to this unique coffee. It's considered a 'classic' cup with nice body, clean flavor, and possesses a consistent balanced brightness.

Brazilian - Medium/Dark This fruity tasting coffee comes from one of the most revered coffee growing regions in the world. Brazilian coffee is known for its balanced acidity and fragrant citrus notes. Brazilian coffee performs well as a single origin coffee, and adds tremendous flavour to blends because of its clean finish and balance.

Peruvian (dark/ espresso roast) This Peruvian bean is wonderfully smooth and has nutty overtones. We always roast Peruvian to an 'Espresso' or dark roast as this yields the best of all tastes characteristics for this wonderful South American Jewel. This coffee is not as lively 'acidic' but is large in body. Peruvian is found in our 'Sombrilla' Blend.

Guatemalan (dark/ espresso roast) High-mountain grown in rich volcanic soil is one of the unique aspects of this very popular coffee. Of all of our Dark Roast coffees, it is by far the most-mellow, while maintaining its full bodied flavor. It's uniquely sweet with a hint of spice, rich yet has a soft finish.

Costa Rican (dark/ espresso roast) No other coffee growing region pays more attention to the preparation of their coffee! Costa Rican makes up the base for our 'House Espresso Blend' and is perhaps the finest coffee in the world. It is zesty, bright, full-bodied, deep in flavor with a clean finish. The chocolate overtones are an added bonus upon the finish.

Swiss Water Decaf (dark/ espresso roast) Only the most progressive decaffeinating process available will do. There are no chemicals in removing 97% of the caffeine from the beans. With the removal of caffeine comes a slightly higher market price. Enjoy this naturally altered bean at approximately 5 mg of caffeine per cup compared to 80-100 mg in a regular cup. Other decaffeinating processes use harmful chemicals, so ensure your decaf is done the Swiss Water way.

Sumatra (very dark/ French roast) Sumatra is probably the most well known in Indonesia, and rightfully so, the coffee has been extremely consistent. Sumatra is considered massive and full bodied, and low in acidity. The coffee plants in Sumatra grow along fruit trees, spice plants and other crops in their shade. Some farmers let the fruit fall to the ground believing that this enhances the coffee's flavour through the soil. Sumatra is smooth with herbal nuances. This is a very popular coffee.

Sombrilla Blend (Peru, Guatemalan, Sumatra) Blending Guatemalan, Sumatra, and a 'hint' of El Salvador beans, yields a wonderfully smooth mocha java-like flavour. This blend is very popular with coffee enthusiasts as it is complex yet possesses a very smooth finish. 'Well rounded' is the way it's described most often.

Jakarta Blend (Sumatra, Guatemalan, Ethiopian) Combining Sumatra, Guatemalan and Ethiopian has resulted in a coffee that will satisfy the most demanding 'coffee lover'. Our Jakarta has a very lively start, heavy body, cinnamon overtones and finishes with a lingering fruity aftertaste as a result of the Nicaraguan. The flavor is as Exotic as the countries that the beans come from.

Half Caffe (Swiss Water Decaf & Jakarta Blend) We combine our perfectly roasted Swiss Water Decaf with our amazing Jakarta Blend in order to bring you the boldest flavour with half the caffeine. Serve this and you will fool all of your friends who think their getting a full caffeine experience !

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