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award winning coffee

Fresh Cup Roastery Café® is an independent craft coffee roasting business that operates locations in Saanichton on Vancouver Island and on the lower mainland (within Fresh ST. Market grocery stores). We uses farmer-direct, single-origin, organic beans. In-house roasting is done using our patented Roastaire® technology, enabling us to produce community-friendly, environmentally sustainable coffee roasting, while ensuring consistent quality with the freshest, tastiest beans and cupped coffee possible. We’ve recently won our second Silver medal for our single-origin Peru Organic, Swiss Water Decaf at the North American Golden Bean competition. The company’s Saanichton café location has been voted ‘Best Coffee On The Saanich Peninsula’ and one of the 'Top 5 Coffee Houses' on Vancouver Island, and noted to be 'One of the Top Five Must Visit Coffee Places in Canada'. President Jim Townley is an outspoken advocate for the craft roasting community and sustainable coffee roasting practices. He’s been featured at TEDx Victoria, as well as in numerous articles and local TV features.



Three great locations, one on Vancouver Island, two in Surrey, BC.


the best taste

Our beans come from the highest quality Arabica crops from around the world and all certified organic.


coffee faq

Secrets to home brewing, how to store coffee and more.

Life’s too short to drink stale coffee
— Larry Christiansen