Q: What is the best way to grind coffee?

A: Nothing makes a bigger difference in the taste of your coffee than grinding the beans just before you brew. Grind only as much as you need because the unused and exposed grounds have a greater surface area & will decompose more rapidly. Electric hand grinders with a pulse function are suitable, however, we recommend 'burr grinders' for superior results. The following guide is a rough example of various grind applications:

  • French Press or Bodum = Medium Grind
  • Flat or Cone Filter = Fine Grind
  • Espresso = Fine to Very Fine Grind

Q: How should I store my coffee?

A: Coffee is best fresh, just like freshly baked bread it stales quickly. We recommend buying coffee in small amounts and consuming it as soon as possible, preferably within 7 days. We use a bag with a one-way valve to allow the CO2 emitted from the newly roasted beans to escape. Once you have opened the bag, the beans start to oxidize or breakdown. Storing your coffee in an airtight container at room temperature is ideal. Contrary to popular belief, DO NOT store coffee in the fridge or freezer after the bag is opened. The in & out action will cause condensation. Condensation will cause the beans to go stale more quickly.

Q: What is the secret to perfect brewing?

A: Water is the single most important factor in brewing the perfect cup. Filtered water is recommended. The water needs to be a minimum of 94`C (preferably boiling) to effectively extract, by infusion, all the flavours from the coffee grounds. We recommend 7g of ground coffee for every 7oz of boiling water. Adjust the portions to suit your personal taste.